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Enabling the next generation of social welfare initiatives

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CBI enables governments and philanthropists to run, conditions-based strategic giving initiatives. We enable everything from short-term relief efforts, to incentivizing specific behaviour, to large-scale welfare and basic income.

Decentralized Platform

Blockchain technology allows giving to occur across borders. Conditions for giving are verifiable independently and allow for high reliability and low costs.

Easy Development Process

CBI allows non-technical government workers and NGO staff to quickly and reliably leverage Ethereum's blockchain for their direct giving initiatives.

Conditions-Based Giving

Campaigns can be quickly set up to transfer funds only when certain conditions are met. These can be as simple as giving to all people in a given area, or can be triggered by discrete events taking place.

Secure Payments

In addition to confirming that recipients have met the criteria for receiving aid through a given program in a trustless, peer-to-peer manner, CBI allows for quick and secure payments at lower cost than traditional systems.

About the Project

CBI is a Decentralized Framework for Direct Giving

Our Vision

CBI's mission is to empower organizations to implement direct giving campaigns quickly and easily. It allows for customizable campaigns where donors are able to define the conditions under which giving will occur.

Our platform allows for a Smart Contract based on the Ethereum platform to be funded by donors and only allows the funds to be released to recipients when predefined criteria have been met. These criteria can be as simple as timed giving to all residents of a specific locale or can be triggered by specific environmental or geopolitical events.

Imagine being able to take a tagged specimen of an endangered species and funding monthly payments to nearby residents contigent on the animal remaining unharmed. This would create instant social and economic incentives for local people to protect wildlife while also bolstering the economy.

From local charitable initiatives, to major environmental campaigns, to full-scale Basic Income initiatives, CBI allows for a low-overead, trustless method of moving funds from donors to the intended recipients.

With each release, we will be adding new functionality to customize your campaign to allow for more complex parameters.

CBI is being developed with non-technical end users in mind. We are developing a simple interface to allow creators to set up a campaign in minutes as well as actively monitor the distribution of funds.

Our primary goals are to create platform that allows our campaign creators to become much more effective in their giving initiatives, reduce costs, and increase transparency.

Our commitment to our users is absolute. Once our project reaches its first stable release, we will have team members committed to helping our users set up and successfully implement their campaigns.

The success of our long-term vision is largely contingent upon the success of other technologies being developed on the Ethereum platform (including payments, identity and task verification. We have committed a large portion of our budget to supporting projects that will allow our platform to succeed.

Support the Project

We will be launching the "CBI" ERC20 Token on September 29, 2017.

ICO Details

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James Connolly, MBA

James Connolly is a finance professional and programmer with over a decade of experience in the investment banking and corporate finance sector. He has developed custom software for enterprises to automate their internal financial planning and analysis processes.

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