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The ICO is Live Now!, participate in our Initial Coin Offering by sending ETH to the following address (details below).


Crowdfunding ICO Details

To participate in the CBI crowdfunding, interested parties can send Ether to our crowdfunding address 0x81D1f8CF459d3CcB1A7378aFF0d84C916F5871f2 which will automatically mint 1,000 CBI tokens per ETH. A maximum of 20,000,000 CBI Tokens will be produced.

At the same time, an additional 200 CBI tokens per ETH received will be minted which will be owned by CBI founders and employees. These tokens will be subject to a vesting period of 15 months with a 3 month cliff (meaning that 20% of our team’s tokens will mature every 3 months).

The funds must be received after the start block and before the end block of the campaign, or funds will be returned to recipients and no CBI will be issued. Once the maximum number of tokens are issued, no further funds will be accepted. The exact start/end blocks will be announced on our website, Reddit and through our Twitter account.

For detailed information on the CBI Project and the Crowdfunding, the following resources will be helpful:

NOTE: The CBI Crowdfunding Address is displayed on this page, in the Wiki section of our sub-Reddit and on our official Twitter account @cbiproject. Please be careful not to send ETH to addresses listed on any third-party websites.

Details of the Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Address 0x81D1f8CF459d3CcB1A7378aFF0d84C916F5871f2
Start Time September 29, 2017 at 00:00:00 UST
End Time October 29, 2017 at 00:00:00 UST
Current Status LIVE